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"Dirty Elegance"
  1. Eternal Infamy
  2. Engloutir
  3. Melophobia
  4. The Scrivener

Dirty Elegance

жанры: trip-hop, downtempo, ambient, electronic, chillout, beautiful
Это интересно: Dark, melancholy and hauntingly epic melodies interwoven with city grit and prowess into the human easel of emotional experience, Dirty Elegance's debut, Finding Beauty In The Wretched, takes its seat at the seminal table, innovatively capturing the depth of the human condition while maintaining a non-genre specific consistency. Passionately expressing a bountiful palette of emotional experience, Dirty Elegance introduces himself to the world with seeds of timelessness and gifts of audible ecstasies… Finding Beauty In The Wretched is not to be overlooked…

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